Welcome to my homepage. My name is Mohammad Bavarian. (Or Mo Bavarian, for short,  outside academia.)
I am a gradute student in MIT mathematics department advised by Prof. Madhu Sudan of Harvard University (internal MIT advisor: Prof. Peter W. Shor).  I am also affiliated with the theory of computation group at CSAIL. My research inerests are  in Theoretical Computer Science (TCS). Within TCS, I have done significant research on topics related to analysis of Boolean functions, quantum computing, information theory, etc.  You can find  out more about my work by looking at my publications.

The best way to reach me is via email. My email address is given by replacing the first "dot" in the URL of this website with an "@".



- I will be graduating from MIT this academic year (Aug '17).

- I am working and thinking a lot about various aspect of AI and Machine Learning these days. Let me know if you wanted to chat about these sometime.