Academic history and interests


I grew up in Tehran, Iran. I obtained my Bachelor of Science from University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver in 2011 where I wrote my undergradute thesis under Prof. Young-Heon KimIn graduate school, under the direction of Prof. Madhu Sudan I have been studying Theoretical Computer Science. Some general themes in my PhD are parallel repetition and direct product theorems, communication complexity, and quantum computing

More recently, I have been working on AI, Machine Learning, and Vision. 

Teaching: I have partcipated in teaching as a TA various times, for example in Prof. Shor's 18.436 Quantum Information II and Prof. Strang's 18.085 Computational Mathematics class. 

More recently (Spring 2016), I co-taught Advanced Complexity Theory (MIT course 6.841/18.405) together with Prof. Dana Moshkovitz. This resulted in many excellent final projects, each surveying a new development in theoretical computer sciences in accessable manner and great detail. My students' surveys are available here.