Papers and preprints:

  • Parallel Repetition via Fortification: Analytic View and The Quantum Case (with T. Vidick and H. Yuen).
            ITCS 2017, TQC 2016  [arxiv].
  • Anchoring Games for Parallel Repetition (with T. Vidick and H. Yuen).
           STOC 2017,
      QIP 2016 -- Plenary Talk  [arxiv
  • Information Causality, Szemeredi-Trotter, and Algebraic Variants of CHSH (with P.W. Shor).
           ITCS  2015 [arXiv, video by Peter at the Newton institute].
  • Tighter Relations Between Sensitvity and Other Complexity Measures ( with A. Ambainis, Y. Gao, J. MaoX. Sun and S. Zuo).
           ICALP 2014 [arxiv].
  • The Role of Shared Randomness in Simultaneous Communication (with D. Gavinsky and T. Ito).
           ICALP 2014 [arxiv].
  • Weak Parity (with S. Aaronson, A. Ambainis, and K. Balodis).
    ICALP 2014 [arxiv].
  • On the Sum of L1 Influences (with A. Backurs).
           CCC 2014 [arxiv].

Theses and other writings:

  • Some Results in the Theory of Optimal Transportation. Bachelor of Science, University of British Columbia, May 2011 [PDF].
        Thesis supervisor: Young-Heon Kim.
  • The Interplay of Regularity Method and Computer Science. Project for 18.S996 thought by Prof. Ankur Moitra, Dec 2013 [PDF]. 
  • Two Introductory Lectures on Analysis of Boolean Functions. Analysis working seminar, November 2014 [PDF].

More information on my research interests and academic history is provided in this page.